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24/09/2017 21:36

The Gauntlet - Hever Castle Half Iron Distance

On Thursday evening my watch broke. It started to vibrate constantly and the screen went fuzzy while I was swimming my...


12/08/2017 22:19

Back to the cold - The Maldon Triathlon

A couple of weeks ago, I woke up at 3am to a violent storm. I stayed in bed for a while longer and tried to sleep...


22/05/2017 21:07

5 weeks in a campervan - and marathon training

My Coached training program began seven weeks before the London Marathon. Ten days after that we packed our...


30/12/2016 21:36

A beautiful little ride

I went for a little ride on my own. It was lovely weather, just warm with a light breeze. I left home at about 5:30am...


05/12/2016 13:26

Singapore Marathon 2016 run by heart rate

We took the children to run the Kids Dash the evening before the race. We were a bit delayed in starting and it was...


23/11/2016 20:18

Enjoying the moment - Singapore Duathlon 2016

My newly repaired, spick and span Neurogen was ready for some fun on the winding, narrow course at East Coast Park I...


29/09/2016 13:36

The Aspire Channel Swim Challenge 2016

I saw the Aspire Channel Swim Challenge a few months ago. We had just watched a film about a quadriplegic man with a...


22/08/2016 10:25

Swim (no bike) Run

We were all ready to go when we saw the wind getting up and the sky darkening. Then the rain came, then the lightning...


20/08/2016 09:38

It's 3:26am

It's 3:26am and I am sitting in semi-darkness in my grandmother's old rocking chair with my baby's soft, warm, little...


18/05/2016 17:17

Mother's Day - #1's first open water swimming race

A few weeks ago we went to the beach to practise swimming in the sea. My eldest son and I swam about 500 metres - he...