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18/05/2016 17:17

Mother's Day - #1's first open water swimming race

A few weeks ago we went to the beach to practise swimming in the sea. My eldest son and I swam about 500 metres - he enjoyed it but as we felt a cold patch he asked me if the drop in temperature meant that there were crocodiles in the water. I reassured him that it did not! We practised rolling...


05/05/2016 20:57

On the big stage - ActiveSG Athletics Fiesta

For 11 days the National Stadium hosted four athletics events consecutively: The Singapore Open, the Schools National Track and Field Championships, the ActiveSG Athletics Fiesta and the Asia Masters Athletics Championship. Both of the boys were signed up to the Athletics Fiesta, the eldest in...


18/04/2016 20:23

Pedaling for a World Record - Earth Day 24 hour Cyclathon

This weekend was a busy one! After the Parkrun on Saturday morning, son #1 went to his athletics club, I took son #2 to a birthday party, then son #1 went to watch the Rugby Sevens with Daddy and friends. After dinner and a bath, the boys went to bed and hubby and I headed out on bikes to...


20/03/2016 21:06

Training - sort of - during the Second Trimester

Now I'm well into the third trimester, I thought I'd sum up how the second trimester went (from a "training" point of view). This is how it as been...  - I think calling it "training" is not really appropriate. Exercise, moving, puffing, sweating or something like that would be more...


13/03/2016 18:27

Motherhood, Pregnancy, Career and Much More…- Iron Mummy on

An Interview with Sarah Shaw


13/03/2016 18:23

10 Tips to Balance Endurance Training, Work & Family - Mio Blog  


08/03/2016 21:33

The Zoo Run

Started off steady, but fairly near to the front. A lot of people overtook me in the first kilometre. A little while later several of the volunteers and marshalls were telling me that I was third female - this was not a timed race, there were no prizes and no placings, so I just kept running...


02/03/2016 20:32

Meditation for kids - cleaning the brain

Recently we were in Thailand. There was a “The Story of Buddha” (The holy book/ book of teachings for Buddhists) in the drawer of the bedside cabinet. My sons wanted me to read it to them for a bedtime story, so I did. We read just the first part, up to where Lord Siddhartha found enlightenment...


27/02/2016 21:13

About a Boy - His First Track Meet

A few weeks ago I saw an advert for the ActiveSG Athletics Fiesta. The boys have been really enjoying athletics lately and my eldest has wanted to run with me more and more, so I signed him up. Unfortunately the youngest was too young for this event. I deliberately didn't make a big deal about...


22/02/2016 20:16

Aquathlon with a Bump!

When I told people I was participating in the Aquathlon in the run up to the race, the responses ranged massively from, “That’s great! Brilliant - good for you!” to something along the lines of, “Are you nuts? Surely that’s dangerous?” Coach Ben picked me up just as it is was getting light and very...