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24/11/2014 22:31

Singapore Duathlon - National Championship

The Singapore Duathlon was the first duathlon race since I injured myself pretty badly at the last one in July. I was a little bit apprehensive about the bike course for this one - it's mainly in the park and comprises 6 laps of a 6-and-a-bit km loop which has some tight, narrow turns. If it's...


24/11/2014 14:26

Singapore International Triathlon - Swim Bike Run Magazine Issue 11


23/11/2014 16:03

SGX Bull Charge

This race report is a bit late. I was waiting for some of the race photos to be published, but there don't seem to have been any! So here goes... I left the office a little bit early last Friday to go to the start of the SGX Bull Charge Charity race. The boys and my husband were waiting on the...


11/11/2014 15:31

Lightning Delayed Play - Presbyterian Run

The first thing that happened when I woke up was thunder and lightning… and not metaphorically. I went downstairs, ate some kiwi fruit, half an energy bar, a glass of orange juice and cup of coffee. Not quite your typical pre-race breakfast, but I felt like it was enough. I got dressed, put on my...


21/10/2014 22:35

Late to the party - Passion North Run

Since his first proper, organised running race in December last year, my eldest son has been desperate to do another “wayce” and loves to do “twayning” with his big plastic “running watch”. Most races only cater for children from the age of seven years, so mine have been waiting quite some time! We...


30/09/2014 14:21

Singapore Aquathlon - Rule #5 not enforced

The Tuesday before the race it was a mad panic after arriving home from work to make it to the other side of town to get the race pack before they packed up at 8pm. We made it with about 5 minutes to spare. It was quite odd that the organisers made race pack collection only for one day, and that...


25/09/2014 21:26

Mummy Time and Itchy Feet

Since my trip to Canada two weeks ago, I have played a lot with train tracks, lego, sand, paint and various super heroes, we have organised two birthday parties - one for my husband and me, one for our eldest son, we have spent an evening watching Formula One racing, I have spent hours and hours...


16/09/2014 22:36

Ironman 70.3 World Championships

At the beginning of April this year I asked my Dad, “If I ever qualified for the World Championships, would you come to support me?” “Of course we would, darling, of course.” So, two weeks later when I called them and told them I had won in Putrajaya and qualified for the Ironman 70.3 World...


28/08/2014 17:43

13 Tips to Stay Safe While Training

Most of us train or exercise, at least in part, to stay healthy. If we do it in such a way that it significantly increases our chances of getting hit by a car, being mugged or injured in any other way, it sort of defeats the purpose, right? Fortunately, there are lots of things that we can do to...


27/08/2014 14:05

The question is not who's going to let me; it's who's going to stop me Happy #WomensEqualityDay! Here's an inspiring image #quote featuring Mio Brand Champion & pro Triathlete, Rowena De...