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25/09/2014 21:26

Mummy Time and Itchy Feet

Since my trip to Canada two weeks ago, I have played a lot with train tracks, lego, sand, paint and various super...


16/09/2014 22:36

Ironman 70.3 World Championships

At the beginning of April this year I asked my Dad, “If I ever qualified for the World Championships, would you come to...


28/08/2014 17:43

13 Tips to Stay Safe While Training

Most of us train or exercise, at least in part, to stay healthy. If we do it in such a way that it significantly...


16/08/2014 21:32

Top Spot at the Singapore International Triathlon

For most of the last week I have been feeling very tired, not very motivated and even thought that I might have caught...


10/08/2014 21:56

One weekend, two podiums!

Last weekend was a busy one.  About six months ago I had signed up for the Tri-Factor 31.5km running race on the...


06/08/2014 13:30

Like A Girl - a Strong, Powerful, Confident girl

I like this advert. I think it is thought provoking and worth a watch. However, as I watched it for a second time, I...


20/07/2014 20:55

Acrobatics at KM Duathlon

We had a great team of colleagues and friends ready to run and bike the inaugural KM Duathlon - Tristan, Rob,...


18/07/2014 11:19

WIN! Predict my time for Seeing is Believing

On September 7th 2014 I will be competing in the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada......


16/06/2014 10:12

Tap Into Your Fat

I didn't write this. I borrowed it from Ben Greenfield, who wrote it for Lava Magazine (which has lots and lots of...


13/06/2014 15:17

My first cycle race - Trifactor Bike

  This was my first bike race, so I was already a little anxious. A few days before the race, I read the...