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02/06/2014 17:43

Pushy parenting makes “followers”, not “leaders”

Most parents have some ambition for their children, something they’d like them to be, or something they’d like them to...


19/05/2014 17:33

Bintan Triathlon

What a weekend! Three days away with the boys at the beach - lovely weather, great food, lots of sleep... and there...


15/05/2014 16:03

Fabulous Mothers' Day! (and the Trifactor 3km swim)

On a beautiful morning, we made our way to Tanjong Beach, Sentosa. When we arrived, the music was already playing, lots...


15/04/2014 16:23

The A race... Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya

After weeks (or months?) of being told to "not do anything stupid" by Ben, the A race finally rolled...


08/04/2014 19:29

Trying New Things... Every Day

I am sure I am not the only one to notice that life goes by too fast! My theory is that the longer we stay on...


30/03/2014 14:38

Yoga - great for triathletes... and not as easy as you think!

Over the last year or so of consistent swim, bike and run training, my flexibility has deteriorated and I have become...


25/03/2014 16:37

Why companies should pay for employees' fun

  Obvious Health Benefits Lots of companies pay for corporate gyms, membership to other gyms, yoga lessons and...


17/03/2014 18:45

Cycling on the F1 circuit - MetaSprint Duathlon

As the haze sneaked back in to Singapore last week I found it difficult to get outside training. The boys both got a...


10/03/2014 10:38

Fit it all in - 13 tips for busy triathletes

Finding time to train for triathlon, hold down a full time job and spend enough quality time with my children and...


02/03/2014 15:06

A race, but not the A race

"Just don't do anything stupid. This isn't your A race," said Ben after our run-bike brick session on Saturday...