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26/02/2014 15:22

Early Morning Surprises

The kids woke up this morning at 5:20am; the eldest wanted to announce that he had done a wee in the pottie and the...


16/02/2014 16:04

MetaSprint Series Aquathlon 2014

I was feeling nervous for the few days before the race. So many people had said lovely, positive things to me that I...


14/02/2014 22:42

Viva Las Vegas!

For any triathlete worth their 70.3 miles, Las Vegas would likely mean something...  This post is not about the...


29/01/2014 13:32

Training Questions from Friends

A good friend of mine, who is also a runner asked me three questions recently. It got me thinking. Here are the...


28/01/2014 14:37

Out there? Doing it? You are awesome!

I often cheer on complete strangers when I see them out running… I especially cheer on the people who look like they’re...


19/01/2014 21:16

The best 10 workout songs!

In my humble opinion, these are the most awesome songs to run and workout to! In no particular...


14/01/2014 12:52

Overcoming the fear of the white plastic bag fish

… and anything else that might possibly be lurking in the sea, whether I could see it or not. Fear of putting my feet...


03/01/2014 16:25

40 things to do before I am 40

My good friend, Liz, had a list of very cool stuff to do before she was 30. It went right down to the line, but I think...


30/12/2013 16:26

Training over Christmas

Usually fitting training around family and work is a challenge. Over Christmas, with all the drinking, eating and...


23/12/2013 11:30

A Plan!

Almost a year since my first triathlon, my kids have grown up so much, I have lost almost a stone (about 7kg), changed...