A beautiful little ride

30/12/2016 21:36

I went for a little ride on my own.

It was lovely weather, just warm with a light breeze. I left home at about 5:30am so I would be back at home in time for our guests landing at 7:15am.
On the way out it was dark, but the sounds of the sea were nice as I cycled along the beach park.

As I got back out in the open, there were lots of big groups of cyclists going the other way. It was lovely to see so many sharing my passion for pedalling - feeling like part of a club, even though I was out on my own.
There were hardly any cars. 
At about half way through my ride, the birds began waking up ... singing and twittering as the sky got lighter.

On the way back there was a grey haired, Chinese auntie with her bike fully loaded, going at a good pace in front of her (I presumed) husband.

The sea was dark, almost black, a bit choppy and angry looking.
Joggers in Changi Beach park, just as the sun was rising, made graceful silhouettes.
Near the sailing club I spotted my friend Kath (wearing her "Pikachu on acid" APS kit) in another big group of cyclists. She saw me too and we shouted, smiled and waved!
As I arrived back into East Coast Park there were six or so stand-up-paddleboarders gliding along on the still, silvery sea against a backdrop of pink and orange clouds. They looked like something off of a postcard, or an advert of an exotic holiday location.
It all seemed so beautiful. There were so, so many things to be grateful for. 
And I was so busy watching, taking it all in and pedalling that I didn't take a single photo.