Getting back on my feet (and wheels)!

11/03/2015 17:06

  After gently and slowly getting back to ‘normal’ this week the weekend started on Saturday morning with a brick session joined by colleagues, friends and coach Ben – a bit of cycling in the park, a jog around the lagoon and a short swim in the sea, interspersed with a lot of chatting

These sessions are usually “bonus” training sessions and a bit of fun… but this time I was really tired. I really enjoyed it but definitely found it took a lot more out of me than usual. I wanted to have a nap when I got home before the Swift AA Road Relay race on Saturday afternoon, so after playing with the boys for a while, we had lunch and when the kids went for a nap, I did too.

I didn’t get much sleep though – I felt ‘wired’, uncomfortable and a bit achy all over. Just to top it off, I woke up with a headache! We decided that husband a children would not come to watch the race, so off I went on my own. On my way to meet Claire, Kath and Trine (Arrivo Primo Singapure Girls) for the Swift AA relay race I didn’t feel great. The journey and race registration was fairly uneventful; I sat under a tree, read my book and waited for them.

We had a short jog round part of the 3.7 km course and did a lot of chatting waiting for the start. As well as me feeling less than fresh, Claire and Kath were both coming off of really big training weeks; Claire had just run 22km and Kath had done a 6 hour brick training session that morning!!

Trine started for us and led right from the gun! She came in first (by a long way) to hand the baton to me. I felt better than during our warm up, but the air was very dry (which is unusual for Singapore) and I felt dehydrated almost immediately. I could see the woman in second place about 400-500 metres behind me when I turned at about 2km. I ran hard for a bit further until my head started tingling and I felt a little light headed (that’s not usually a good sign!!) so I eased off a little. I finished my leg in just under 15 minutes – pretty much exactly 4 minutes per kilometre. Claire sped off around the corner and was back in no time, handing over to Kath with a lead of about 3m30secs!

Kath crossed the finish line about 4 minutes ahead of our closest rivals in a total team time of 58 minutes 36 seconds – about 3m57s per kilometre average pace. Imagine what we’d have done if we’d all had fresh legs! What an amazing honour to run with such fabulous athletes. Jacob was official photographer for the day and he did a great job – thank you!

On Sunday morning I joined the rest of Arrivo Primo Singapura (APS) and Athlete Lab for a “community bonding ride”. We divided ourselves into three groups and I stayed with the slowest one for a gentle stroll around the central water catchment area up to Mandai and back to Amoy Street for breakfast. We had a lovely time!

Sunday afternoon, after reading “Do you want to be my friend?”, having water poured over my head for about 20 minutes, eating lunch and then reading more stories in bed with the boys, I laid down for a nap. This time I fell asleep within minutes!