Mummy Time and Itchy Feet

25/09/2014 21:26
Since my trip to Canada two weeks ago, I have played a lot with train tracks, lego, sand, paint and various super heroes, we have organised two birthday parties - one for my husband and me, one for our eldest son, we have spent an evening watching Formula One racing, I have spent hours and hours reading children's books and I have done zero swimming, biking and running (commuting doesn't count). It has been wonderful, but I have itchy feet, I am starting to feel sluggish and even have difficulty concentrating at times.

On Tuesday evening I set the alarm to get up for a rolling hills run. The plan was to get up and be out of the house by 6am, run for 30 minutes and then spend the last half of the run at Gym n Tonic doing hill repeats on the treadmill. There aren't many hills where I live - except for bridges and underpasses.

The alarm rang.... and I switched it off and rolled over.
A while later, through a sleepy haze, I heard my youngest son moving around in his bedroom. I went in and asked him what was wrong. After a few seconds of thought, he said he had wet the bed. I checked. He hadn't. I took him for a wee and then tucked him back into bed. As I was leaving the room he started singing, "ah set faa aaa aaarr tudda wayyyne!"
"Shhhhhh - go to sleep, darling! You'll wake up your brother!"
"Mummeeee," breaking into song again, "do you wanna beewd a snowmaaaan?"
"Shhhhhh - go to sleep! Please don't wake up your brother!"
... Silence.
I was just about to get back into bed, I looked at the time. It was 6:06am. I had time to go for 55 minutes before the boys would be awake. I got dressed, yurbuds in, sport ID, watch and shoes on and out the door. It felt great! Freedom! It was early, there was nobody else around, I felt safe - in a good, residential, neighbourhood, on a well lit street. I clipped along at a steady pace, joining in with FloRider, Kenny Loggins and the others every now and again. I ran along the riverbank, inland, backwards and forwards through the same underpass five times (any slope counts as a hill!), then back round the road towards the gym.
Just before the last cross roads near the gym, I saw a runner with a familiar gait. As I got closer I recognised John - my triathlon buddy and colleague - we waved and said "hello" but didn't stop. Once into the gym, i jumped onto the treadmill and started hills programmed between 3% and 11% incline; at 6:55am I hopped off and ran back home. Just as I was taking off the second shoe, I heard the boys start to talk to each other. I ran upstairs, distributed sweaty cuddles and then took them downstairs to play and have breakfast.
Husband hadn't been feeling well for a few days, so I hoped he would stay in bed and get some extra rest for a while.
The boys and I got dressed ready for school and work, and just as we were about to leave, the heavens opened. My youngest son LOVES umbrellas. He was so, so happy to walk to school holding an umbrella! I took him inside and settled him in and then hurried back to pick up his brother. By the time I got home again the rain had already stopped. I put two backpacks on my shoulders, put our helmets on our heads and opened the gate as he got his bike. We cycled to school together and hurried into the classroom from the bike racks. I rushed in and apologised to his class teacher for being late. She looked at me, then at the clock and said, "No. You're ten minutes early. Don't worry!" So I looked at the clock too... It was 8:20. My husband had told me I had a meeting with the teacher at 8:15 on Wednesday. I was confused!
"I have a meeting with you at 8:15, I thought?"
"Today? No not today. Here's the list. October it is. You have the Wednesday morning at 8:15."
OK - so husband had missed out a vital piece of information when passing on the message. It was indeed at 8:15 on Wednesday - just not this Wednesday! Nevermind. We unpacked the school bag and he showed me some of his projects and the work he had done. It was so nice to see, and he was so proud to show off his handiwork and discoveries! After a kiss goodbye I got back on my bike and pedalled to work. 
It was a long day. I had a team dinner starting at 7pm after work. We went straight from the office and I didn't get home until after 10pm. Of course, the boys were already asleep, so I didn't see them that evening. I was very glad to have spent a little time with them in the morning...