The best 10 workout songs!

19/01/2014 21:16

In my humble opinion, these are the most awesome songs to run and workout to! In no particular order...

1.       Foot loose - Kenny Loggins

I can’t help but quicken my steps when this one comes one. It’s feel good, fun… I also have this urge to waggle my fingers in a weird way and sing (loudly, badly and the wrong lyrics) while I am running along… sometimes people look at me like I’m a bit strange…

2.       Club can’t handle me - flo rider (especially the bit at about 45 seconds)

Makes me want to skip and run on my tippie-toes no matter how tired I am.

3.       Jai Ho - A R Rahman (as much as i love the original, this one’s better to run to)

Such a fun song, to run, dance or sing to!

4.       Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

Of course… the classic. Who doesn’t like running to this one?!

5.       Don’t stop believing – Journey

Another classic. Awesome.

6.       Holding out for a hero – Bonnie Tyler

Video clip is a little odd... but it's a great, feel-good song to run to!

7.       Lose yourself – Eminem

Awesome for a warm up! How can these lyrics not get you pumped for a work out? “Look. If you had. One shot. One opportunity. To seize everything you ever wanted. One moment. Would you capture it? Or let it slip?”

8.       Roar - Katy Perry

"I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire, 'Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar" Yeahhhh RROOOOOOAAAAARRRRRRRR!!

9.       Scatman - Scatman John

Try running fast enough to keep up with the Scatman!!

10.   Sexy and I know it – LMFAO

Doesn’t make me feel particularly sexy, but imagining the guy doing the stuff he’s singing about does make me giggle!