Who is Kwissmuss?

19/12/2013 09:32


… and why does he get all the presents?

A few weeks ago my husband bought some small boxes of Lego. My son saw him buy the Lego and asked, “Daddy, can I play with the Lego, please?”

“Not now. If you’re a good boy it can be for Christmas.”

“But why? Why can’t I have it?”

“Because it’s for Christmas!”

Cue… uncontrollable sobbing. Not angry, frustrated, tantrum type crying but real, devastated, sad sobbing. I picked him up and cuddled him, “Why are you crying? What’s wrong, darling?”

“If I’m a good boy, why you going to give my Lego to Kwissmuss. Why you not give…” sob… “to me?”

So, we sat down and had (another) conversation about Christmas. I explained that Christmas is not a person, it’s another way of saying birthday. It’s Jesus’ birthday, but because Jesus is very, very kind and shares his birthday, everyone has a party and everyone gets presents, not just the birthday boy. So, we would give the Lego to him, but when it was Christmas Day, and not now. He stopped crying and seemed to understand.

A few days later, my friend Alex (who he loves) was coming to visit. The night before, when I was tucking my eldest son in bed, I said to him, “Guess who’s coming to see you tomorrow?”

“Errrrr… Kwissmuss?”

I’m still not sure he gets it!