I am very grateful to all of my generous sponsors, for helping me go faster, making training and racing fun and keeping me comfortable and safe!
I fully believe in all of the products I recommend and I am proud to be associated with these companies.

Thank you!







I love riding my Eclipse TT. It's stiff but comfortable, and most importantly helps me go faster!

Altra Zero Drop™ - the most comfortable shoes my feet have ever had the good fortune to experience! In my Altras I have an efficient, comfortable ride, no big lump of rubber under my heel to mess up my stride and plenty of room in the toe box for relaxed toes for better stability and more efficient power transfer! Love them!

Action more protection - exactly what any cyclist needs! 

Brought to Singapore by Bike Xtreme, SH+ helmets are super comfortable, keep me cool, aero and protect my noggin all at the same time!

For racing fast, training hard and commuting safely, there's no tire I'd rather have on my bike than MaxxisMaxxis use cutting edge technologies and feedback from top athletes to develop tires. I use Campione tubulars, Courchevel racing clinchers and Detonator tires!


Really great glasses are important for protecting my eyes, not only against glare and harmful rays, but also against errant bugs and debris that often flies up from the road when I'm cycling. I am lucky enough to have fantastic Julbo glasses with photochromic lenses to give me just the right visibility and protection, they don’t fog, they fit perfectly and they look pretty slick too!

blueseventy make the fastest wetsuits in the world... nuff said...

They also make super comfortable, beautiful looking swimsuits and fantastic goggles too.



No sugars, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, so no bloating, no stomach cramps, no strong aftertaste, no sticky spills and no difficult cleaning. ‘elete’ delivers just pure electrolytes!

In addition to the perfect fit, all Feetures! products have the “Perfect Toe”, so the inside and outside surface of the sock are completely smooth... No more blisters or chafes on my toes!  



Out riding or running I am potentially vulnerable. My vital information - including blood type and emergency contact numbers - is easily accessible in my reflective wristband, shoe tag and helmet stickers so it can speak for me if i can't speak for myself. My kids also have My Safety ID wristbands and every helmet in the house has a sticker! 





Founded by Ben Pulham, Coached is a boutique fitness company dedicated to helping people understand their body and get more from the time they invest training.


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